Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The following black and white collage photos were taken by manually rethreading the film so that the same subjects were in the image at different times during the night. The flashes of light that mysteriously appear remind me of "spirit photography" where ghosts make their haunting debuts. These photos were shot just weeks after Katrina on Halloween night and the (half naked) muse was my elusive partner as I stood mostly in the women's bathroom taking shot after shot. People are so inviting here and my camera was a welcome guest into the intimate world of a restroom as women put on make up and arranged their costumes. The fluidity of time is marked by the subjects' reappearances in the same frames. We had all flowed back to the water marked city and were at the Howling Wolf to "celebrate" Halloween. Less than half the folks showed up as compared to pre-Katrina times. Most had lost everything they owned, but in true New Orleans fashion, everyone had found a costume.

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